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UK Youth & Funding Opportunities

UK Youth & Funding

UK Youth is a leading charity that exists to ensure all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. We work with others to ensure that the youth sector is strengthened, supported, and that provision is youth-led, evidence-informed and delivers high-quality outcomes.

UK Youth plays a unique role in addressing; the lack of investment into the youth sector, the lack of cross sector understanding of how youth work makes a difference and the limited opportunities to embed effective solutions. These factors lead to mass inequality of access to youth services for young people.

Working through networks of youth organisations and supporters, we galvanise a movement of people to support our shared vision. The UK Youth Movement is open to all and currently stands at over 8,000 youth organisations and nation partners, collectively reaching 4.1 million young people. Our mission is to work as a nationwide movement to deliver innovative youth services, grow effective practice and campaign to increase support for youth work.

Funding Opportunities

As a result of the ongoing commitment we have to support young people, our team work incredibly hard to secure additional funding opportunities to help run various outdoor learning programmes, ensuring that young people have equitable access.

Current opportunities

There are no current opportunities at this time for Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre.

Want to learn more about previously funded programmes and the impact that they’ve had?

UK Youth & Funding

If you need assistance towards funding your visit, or for specific individuals within your group, please do apply and we will do all that we can to help you.  

The money available in our bursary fluctuates month on month so sadly we are not able to say yes to every application, or always offer the full amounts requested, but we always try and do all we can. 

Taking The Next Step: 

Our aim is to give everyone equitable opportunities to Experience, Learn and Develop. UK Youth provides a bursary programme giving young people more opportunities to access outdoor learning at Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre.

The smallest donation can help us to provide a funded, rewarding and challenging adventure for young people and support families to experience the natural environment.

Some of the children have never even been more than a few miles from home and almost all of them have not had the opportunity to experience the natural wonder of the New Forest or to take on the challenges available at Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre.

Every penny of donations made to our bursary will go directly to young people, allowing them to experience outdoor learning, supporting their personal, social, and educational development, improve health and well-being and environmental awareness.