Striving to give everyone the same opportunities to experience, learn and develop


We are committed to being a fully accessible centre and strive to give everyone the same opportunities to experience, learn and develop through adventure and discovery.  

We understand the needs are different for everyone and for this reason we have specialised staff, with a ‘can-do’ attitude who are passionate about inclusion to ensure we can discuss your needs and understand how we can best accommodate them. 

If you have additional needs, there should be no holding you back. Our professional and friendly staff deliver high quality support in a safe, accessible environment. You can enjoy the outdoors by climbing 10 metres up the climbing tower, or canoeing on our lake, and leave with amazing memories often having experienced something completely new.  

For organised groups, we are happy to host a site tour prior to your visit, as experience has taught us that this is often the best way for us to fully understand the extent of what is needed for your visit and how we can support you throughout your stay, it also allows you to see first-hand what we have to offer and ensure you can enjoy and relax when you arrive. 

Guests of all ages and abilities can enjoy the centre knowing that we are always here for support when you need us. From our Customer Experience team to our qualified instructors, if you have a question, just ask. Our staff are fully trained to support and can advise you where needed. 

Accessible Activities

With a range of additional equipment to support various needs, you really can have a great experience, challenge yourselves and leave with a sense of achievement. The hoists and adapted equipment we have mean that you can zip wire across the lake, swing through the trees on high ropes, take part in tree climbing, shoot an arrow in archery or canoe across the water.

With a wide range of high, land based and water activities available, you can choose what you want to do. If you have any questions, just call our Customer Experience Team or to see what we can do for you, book a site visit and we will be happy to answer any queries.

What sets us apart is the range of accessible provision that we can provide you to ensure your visit is a memorable one. We want you to be comfortable and we want you to fully experience Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre. With our support and encouragement and our specially adapted equipment, there is nothing stopping you participating in our activities on equal terms.

Getting Around the Site

Our All Terrain Wheelchair has large inflatable tyres and is perfect for a leisurely travel around the site.

These electric wheelchairs can be used on all terrain and will allow users to freely access the entire site. With a twist grip throttle and squeeze break for hand control and the ability to also be used with a personal assistant controlling throttle if hand control is a problem. These chairs do not provide upper body support.

These electric chairs can be used on all terrain and are more suitable for those that can support themselves when sitting upright. Featuring a twist throttle, the Tramper is fully adjustable to suit any user and can be switch between left and right-handed control. It can tackle any terrain onsite and with its self-braking system driving is easy for all.

Want to ride through the trees? We have an accessible bike trail and inclusion bikes so you can take a casual ride around the grounds and explore for yourself.

These recumbent trikes are ideal for younger users with a support harness for extra comfort and security.

Great for adults and taller users, these recumbent bikes have power assist and 3 levels of assistance when pedalling giving riders an extra boost when cycling uphill.

Our Pino is a tandem bike with a recumbent front seat and a support harness and back if needed. Both seats have a huge range of adjustment to allow most users access for a comfortable ride. The Pino is best used on flatter ground and would suit a parent and child cycling together with the more confident rider on the back.



Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre

The Middle Floor and Top Floor are fully accessible to those with additional needs – with access ramps and lifts to both floors. There are accessible toilets and wet rooms all fitted with handrails emergency cords and wide access doors. We can also move some of the specialised equipment into the rooms to facilitate your groups needs during your stay. 

Some of the rooms are fitted with flashing emergency beacons for the hearing impaired and we can support anyone with evacuation assistance needs to create Emergency Actions Plans (EAP’s) in case of an emergency.

Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre

Most of our lodges are fully accessible for wheelchairs users thanks to access ramps, and all are fully accessible inside with wide access doors and accessible wet rooms. Black Firs lodge has a ceiling hoist for easy transfer through to the wet room and we have portable hoists and other specialised equipment available to support you if needed. 

Please do contact our Customer Experience Team to discuss requirements and we can provide more information and advice on what you need.

Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre

Our exciting ‘Accessible Adventure’ weekends are available throughout the year to families that have a child with a disability. Enjoy a full programme of activities on a 2 night adventure break, relax in our comfortable accommodation, and make new friends, sharing your experience with other families.