Avon Tyrrell

Vic joined our outdoor learning apprenticeship scheme in 2018, fresh out of college with aspirations of a career in the Police but knowing she needed to increase her skills and experience so she joined us to learn and develop.  

We caught up with Vic to find out more about her time as an apprentice then instructor, we know the benefits of being an apprentice but through Vic we can bring this to life. Here’s Vic’s story, “ my outdoor learning apprenticeship has helped me today in multiple ways. I’ve worked with incredible people, I never thought when I was shadowing the instructors that one day I’ll be able to do all of the activities they do and have the knowledge to inspire others.”  

“It’s hard to pick one part of the apprenticeship that I will take away with me, the skills I have learnt, the qualities and the every day opportunities have helped me to succeed. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone, realised that I can accomplish so much and had a passion to learn more. I have matured, I’ve learnt from all the different people I’m with every day and since becoming an instructor, I’m now able to pass on my knowledge to help new apprentices. ” 

“I think what makes this apprenticeship different, is that we all want to pass our qualifications not just for us but for the senior instructors who put so much into our development. I will forever cherish how proud I made Jake when I told him I’d passed- it was incredible. I have the best memories made with other instructors inside and outside of work- the laughter will never be forgotten.” 

We are delighted that Vic has achieved so much during her time with us, not only for her personally but for every young person who she has helped to experience, learn and develop. We’ve seen Vic become a confident leader and know the Police are lucky to have a strong, dedicated team member. We are incredibly sad to see her leave and we will miss her but she is an inspiration as she has shown that through hard work and dedication, she has achieved her goals and changed lives in the process.  

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