Avon Tyrrell

Experience, Learn and Develop at Avon Tyrrell

Avon Tyrrell

Avon Tyrrell aims to deliver experiential outdoor learning- enabling young people to participate in high-quality experiences that deliver learning and personal development.

UK Youth exists to develop, strengthen, champion and help unlock the power of youth work. We know youth work can be life changing, we want to amplify the difference youth work can make to young people. 

Our outdoor learning team at Avon Tyrrell deliver experiential outdoor learning- that gives young people the opportunity to participate in high quality experiences that deliver learning and personal development. Our aim is to increase the accessibility and quality of outdoor learning for young people across the UK, helping us to become a national leader. 

Young people are at the heart of our ethos and approach, to ensure we continue to provide high quality outdoor learning we have created five key principles as part of our distinctive  ‘experience, learn and develop’ model. These will help shape and influence our future approach to young people, as we continue to support their personal, social, and educational development, improve health and wellbeing and environmental awareness.