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24 ways to spend more time outdoors in 2024

Avon Tyrrell

Looking for more ways to spend time outdoors with the kids throughout 2024? Look no further! We have 24 ways to adventure outside as a family from picnics, to muddy walks and forest bathing – there is something that everyone will enjoy! 

With two ideas for every month throughout 2024 – we’re here to make sure you can all connect with nature again and reap the benefits of spending time outdoors. 

The benefits of being outdoors are endless; from improving your health to strengthening connection to nature. In an age where our lives are dominated by screens – it can seem daunting to make a conscious effort to step outdoors.  

However, as 2024 begins, the urge to spend time outdoors seems to be calling us all – enticing us to reconnect with nature. With that in mind, here are 24 ways to spend more time outdoors throughout 2024 with young people and family. We hope you have an exciting time adventuring outdoors.  

1. Cook something outdoors – our favourite are smores on an open fire but why not have a BBQ for dinner?

2. Engage in regular outdoor exercise – push-ups in the park or swap a treadmill for a path, swap aircon for the natural elements. 

3. Make some wild art – pick fallen leaves and twigs and make something out of it, you could even try a family portrait.

4. Go stargazing – how many stars can you all count?

5. Take part in some wild games. From capture the flag to a good game of tag there are so many different outdoor games that you and your children can enjoy.

6. Explore on 2 wheels – whether it’s a bike or scooter we hope you have a wheely-good time! Live in the New Forest and want to rent a bike, head to Avon Tyrrell for a full-day bike hire!

7. Eat al fresco. It is time to pack a picnic – choose all your family favourites and head somewhere outdoors! Whether that is the beach, forest, or park we hope everyone enjoys their favourite food.

8. Fly a kite. How well can you pilot your kite? Let it soar and watch it spin and tumble in the breeze. Why not level up and make your own kite to enjoy in the skies?

9. Go for a walk – no matter the weather! Pop on your coat and woolly hat if needed and enjoy all the natural elements. A little bit of rain never stopped anyone.

10. Watch the sunset or sunrise. Either are beautiful. Give everyone a moment to be mindful – taking time to think of what they are thankful for.

11. Spend the day in the woods. Forest bathing has become popular across the world and for good reason. Make sure you take time to explore with all your senses.

12. Try an activity with snow or sand. Make the most of winter and make snow angles or head to the beach during the warmer months (or you could even enjoy it in the winter!) and take part in a sandcastle competition.

13. Enjoy a campfire. From songs, stories and smores – these are great ways to enjoy a campfire but what makes it special are the people you sit around it with.

14. Go camping! You do not have to even head to a campsite. Put up a tent in your garden and enjoy a sleep under the stars with the family. The only rule is no-one can swap sleeping bags for beds throughout the night.

15. Play the leaves game – Become a detective of the woods with your little ones. Can you recognise and name different trees? Set different tasks like finding 10 different leaves and compare the differences – you can always make art out of them after.

16. Go for a dip – making sure you are being safe find a local water source from sea to river and dip your toes going for a paddle. Find out more about swimming safely.

17. Visit a national park – the UK has many beautiful National Parks to enjoy with various walking routes for all abilities.

18. Go rock skimming or skipping. How many bounces can you get when skimming a rock across the water? Remember the perfect rock is flat and not too heavy!

19. Dance in the rain. You have heard of singing in the rain but why not make it a dance party? Choose your playlist and dance like no one is watching!

20. Do something good for wildlife – from bird feeders to bug houses there are so many ways to give back to nature and help the wildlife in your local area.

21. Get muddy – as muddy as possible! Need we say more? Remember clothes can be washed but memories never fade.

22. Read outdoors. Why not all bring your favourite book and lounge out under a tree for a few chapters? Or take it in turns to read the story together with a few pages each!

23. Listen to the birds. Who needs Netflix or Spotify when we have access to an unlimited natural playlist? Set aside 30 unplugged minutes and enjoy the nature that surrounds you.

24. Go foraging. Find some blackberries or strawberries by spending an afternoon safe fruit picking. Then make a delicious fruit crumble to enjoy after tea! 

We hope whatever you do, you have a wonderful time outdoors. Remember just because you have done something once does not mean you never do it again – find something you love and do it a few times. With these 24 ideas, that is just 2 a month!  

Whilst you are outdoors just remember this: 

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.