Avon Tyrrell

PwC Residential

PwC Residential

On Monday 12th February, 7 youth groups joined us at Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre for a leadership residential generously funded by PwC.

PwC Residential Feedback

On Monday 12th February, 7 youth groups joined us at Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre for a leadership residential generously funded by PwC.

Young people from The Pioneers Project, Streatham Youth, Christchurch Activities for Young People, Tokko, Purbeck Youth and Community Foundation, Somerset Rural Youth Project and Caius House worked together on a specially developed leadership  programme that helped them experience, learn and develop outdoors.

Here is what they thought of their experience:

“You can be a bigger person if you keep trying new things” (Molly)

“A good leader always listens to their team” (Anon)

“Being put with hyperactive groups really taught me the value of common ground” (Anon)

“Exciting week! It improved my confidence and gets everybody involved” (Yasmin)

“I’ve sacrificed the ME for WE!” (Jacob)

“I learnt more about myself as a person from this week” (Kelly)

“I’ve learnt to lead and I’ve learnt to fail gracefully” (Tyrique)

“They give you the roots to develop, but the time to learn how to use it to be a good leader” (Grace)

“Avon Tyrrell is such a lovely place. Jake is an amazing activity instructor. He always made an effort to work with our young people. The house is lovely and all the staff are awesome”

“I really enjoyed my time at Avon Tyrrell and thought it was a great experience. My instructor Jake was really good. All the team building exercises were really fun and altogether it was a truly enjoyable experience.”

“All experiences and activities this week were pushing, enjoyable and self-developing. For me, intensity could be increased but they were all great fun. Many of the people were awesome and encouraging. Overall, a great week.”

If you are interested in a leadership course for your group, please contact our guest services team on 01425 672347 or send an enquiry to info@ukyouth.org 

If you need assistance towards funding your visit to Avon Tyrrell, you can apply for bursary support here